Brookshire Cluster

Approved BEHR Paint Samples for Brookshire Cluster


Reston Design Review Board approved updated Paints Selection for Brookshire Cluster in 2005. The colors closely resemble the original colors by Martin Seymour and are available in Behr (shown below) and Benjamin Moore – shown here:


Note: Paint samples onscreen may not show the true paint color. Samples of color patches are available from Home Depot or Reston organization in Isaac Newton Square.


Front doors, Shutters, Behr Premium Plus – Gloss or Semi Gloss Finish.



Description                              Old Paint – Martin Senour        BEHR Premium Plus

Black-Green                               Burdetts Ordinary Black Green  Twilight Forest: ECC-47-3D

Dark Red                                   Palace Arms Red                        Cherry Bark: ECC-15-3D

Outside White                           Outside White                            Daisy Field: ECC-11-2U

Sage Green                               Barraud House Green                Sea Fern: ECC-38-3D

Taupe Grey                                Market Square tavern Grey        Eagle Ridge: ECC-46-2

Blue Slate                                  Bracken Tenement Blue Slate     Rain Shadow ECC-22-3A

House Ivory (salmon tone)       William Byrd III House Ivory        Canoe: ECC-13-1P

Navy (New)                                                                                  Night Tide: ECC-30-3D


Note: Eggplant disapproved due to its incompatibility with the other colors in the generally traditional, colonial-type color palette.  DRB

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